Aaron Owens

CEO of Tejas Hemp

Aaron is a native of West Texas, a part of the world where a person's word is gold.  His first passion and love has always been ranching, with Cannabis coming in as a close second.  


Serving as VP of Sales for Dutch Pro liquid fertilizers gave him the opportunity to developed his extensive network within the hemp industry.  A hemp pioneer in Texas, he started working with extractions and custom formulations in 2015, and then formally organized his company, Tejas Hemp, in early 2017.  As word of his product quality spread, demand sky rocketed, and the business expanded rapidly. In 2020, he successfully produced the worlds first Hemp Sativa strain on two acres at his farm in Dripping Springs, TX.


Today, Aaron is in charge of corporate strategy and business development; and focuses heavily on the implementation of the Industrial Hemp industry in Texas.  His goals are to help Texas farmers make Texas Hemp business a leader in the global Hemp economy.Visit Tejas Hemp.