Eddie Velez, Founder of Oak Cliff Cultivators

Eddie Velez was born and raised in Dallas, TX - more specifically, Oak Cliff.  He’s a University of North Texas Alumni with a degree in Emergency Management.  Eddie spent over 15 years in the emergency management industry, with 11 years in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  During his time with FEMA, he managed and coordinated large scale disaster response operations at multiple levels of government, and deployed to numerous federal declared disasters nationwide.

When Texas began moving past the prohibition of hemp, he decided to take the entrepreneur jump. Cannabis has always been part of his life in some way shape or form, he wanted to break the cannabis stigma and reintroduce hemp as an alternative health solution to everyday life.

In 2019, Eddie founded a Texas Hemp company - Oak Cliff Cultivators.  Oak Cliff Cultivators was the 2020 winner of the “Best Hemp Flower” in the state at the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup.  Additionally, his team won 6 out 9 awards at the cup.

Now, with the first harvest under the belt of the Texas farmers, he’s focused on collaborating and networking with partners across the state to help Texas improve processes and procedures to ensure Texas becomes a leader in the hemp industry.

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