Haley Hunt
CEO, Haus of Jayne

Family, community, education, and healing are the cornerstone of the Haus of Jayne story and company. Haley Hunt, the founder and CEO is a nurse with a keen interest in helping her neighbors enjoy maximum health and wellness, but found certain aspects of mainstream medicine were not addressing the power of the plant.

Haley now makes it her life’s work to educate the public about cannabis. Casting out misconceptions and fear, she shares groundbreaking research on the medical promise of this misunderstood plant and continues to look for ways to advocate for its legalization. Her CBD boutique, Haus of Jayne, co-managed with business partner Christy Spanton, features high-quality CBD products including a line they designed and developed through a partnership with Tejas Hemp.

Knowing the constant evolution of this industry, Haley continues to seek out nursing courses specializing in the use of cannabis and hopes to one day transform their CBD boutique into a full dispensary. Visit Haus of Jayne.