Mike Biegalski, Vice President of Flex Payment Solutions

Mike Biegalski is the Vice President of Sales & Operations for Flex Payment Solutions, a payment processing firm in St. Louis, MO., and runs that position from Chicago where he moved after helping setup home-office operations in St. Louis from 2016-2020. 


Upon graduating from Butler University in 2015 after four years of Mathematics studies and being a member of the NCAA FCS football team, Mike was accepted into a rigorous Corporate Finance Master’s program at Washington University in St. Louis for the following year.  Through that experience Mike developed a passion for helping solve banking and money-movement problems for industries that are traditionally misunderstood, including the CBD/hemp arena.


This passion was able to manifest itself into an opportunity in early 2016 when Mike, still finishing the Wash U program, joined recently formed Flex Payment Solutions to assist founder Rob Zeitler in setting up the overall business plan.  Mike also worked directly with the programming team early on to help architect products and fit them specifically to the desired sales model.  Flex’s first processing service, a remotely created check solution, went live at the beginning of 2017 with the goal of serving “traditionally tough to place” merchants and has processed $350M+ in total check volume over its lifetime.


Flash-forward to 2021, Mike leads both the sales and operations teams with Flex which have grown to double digit team-members and completed work on six new processing services over the last four years.  The firm currently processes $400M+ total dollars a year and is positioning itself to be a top payment resource to the CBD/hemp market, after entering in 2019, with a fundamentally sound compliance program and a passion for the industry!

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