Texas Hemp Program- Seeds and Transplants

The Texas Hemp Coalition urges you to purchase seeds from a reputable source. All seeds planted in the ground must be on the Texas Department of Agriculture’s approved seed list that will be released in May. Individuals may not sell or purchase hemp seed unless they are an official license holder. Requirements are as follows:

A person who sells, offers to sell, distributes, or uses hemp seed in Texas shall maintain records for five (5) years indicating:

  • the origin of the hemp seed for five (5) years;

  • the person or entity from whom the person purchased the hemp seed;

  • any documentation indicating certification or approval of the provenance, quality, and variety of the hemp seed;

  • and the location and jurisdiction of origin of the hemp seed.

As for transplants, license holders will be required to have two documents and a phytosanitary certificate to be able to move a fully germinated seedling, mature plant, cutting, or clone.

  • A license holder must acquire a lot permit for the initial area of cultivation and indicate the final transplantation area, and anticipated date of trans- plant.

  • The area where a license holder who transplants initially cultivates cannabis plants and the final transplantation area shall constitute one lot with two (2) registered geospatial locations.

  • A license holder shall not divide a lot from the initial area of cultivation for transplant into more than one (1) transplantation area.

  • In the event the initial area of cultivation is not within the same facility as the final transplantation area, the license holder who transplants must request a transport manifest from the Department before transporting a lot of cannabis plants to a separate facility for trans- planting purposes. A transport manifest shall be valid for five (5) days from the date of issuance.

  • A sale or transfer of a lot of cannabis plants from a license holder to another license holder for transplant is considered a harvest.

To apply for a for a hemp growing license and permit visit: https://www.texasagriculture.gov/RegulatoryPrograms/Hemp.aspx.

The Texas Hemp Coalition’s goal is to provide industry specific information to growers, processors and entities that will be involved in the Texas Hemp Industry. We will serve as an advocacy, educational and networking liaison to reputable entities within the hemp industry.

For more information on the Texas Hemp Coalition visit www.texashempcoalition.org.